Italian and Chinese Restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area

I tried the special of the day, and it was 3 cheese ravioli in pesto sauce. It was great!

I thought that instead of just posting an overview of a particular restaurant in the Harrisonburg, VA area this time, I would post restaurants categorically organized by genre.  In this post, I will detail the Italian and Chinese restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area.

So, let’s start with my favorite type of food…Italian.  There are many Italian choices in the Harrisonburg area.  With the exception of the restaurant labeled as J, here are the Italian Restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area that come up when searched for on Google.

I reviewed two of these restaurants, Bravo the Italian Restaurant and Napoi Ristorante and Pizzeria, and I really enjoyed both restaurants.  They are both autentic Italian eateries which feature typical Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, anitpasta, etc.  There are also choices such as Anthony’s Italian Touch Pizza or Franco’s Pizza, among other places.

The Pollo Alla Francese was delicious! It's baked chicken in lemon sauce over angel-haired pasta.

You can check out reviews, maps, menus, and other information for all of these restaurants if you click on the more information tab, as demonstrated in the screen shot to the right–take a screen shot of the information tab.

Check out my blog reviews here as it features both Bravo the Italian Restaurant and Napoli Ristorante and Pizzeria!!

The next genre of restaurants found in the Harrisonburg, VA area is Chinese establishments.  I love Chinese food, and there are definitely a plentiful amount of Chinese restaurants in the valley.  Check out this link for a complete list of Chinese restaurants derived from a simple Google search of Chinese restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area.

Golden China is located right off of Route 33, East Market Street, near exit for I-81.

I only visited one of the restaurants on the list for my review, but I have also been to one of the restaurants beforehand and it’s my favorite Chinese restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA. It also features such restaurants as China Jade Restaurant and Great Wok.

Golden China is an authentic, small buffet-style family-owned restaurant and it is delicious.  It was the first Chinese restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA established in 1971.  I would definitely recommend giving Golden China a shot if you enjoy authentic Chinese cooking.

Golden China offers traditional Chinese food such as wontons, lo mein, fried rice, beef and broccoli, among other choices.

My favorite Chinese restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA is definitely China Express because their service is friendly and fast, their food is great and their prices are the best in town with large portions.  Check it out!  (Even though this website is for the Tysons Corner China Express, the menu is the same—this is the link that is given for China Express Harrisonburg, VA.)

The restaurant labeled D is Taste of Thai and for some reason it came up under the search.  This is the only restaurant that is not a Chinese establishment from the Google results.

Check out my blog posts for other restaurants in Harrisonburg, VA that serve Chinese food, along with other choices as well!  Most of these choices are buffets in the area.

As for my next post, I will explore all of the ethnic restaurants in Harrisonburg, VA like Ethiopian cuisine, or Indian food, so be sure to continue and monitor my blog for new posts!  Thanks for all of your support over the last couple of months!


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