Kyoto Japanese Steak House Harrisonburg, VA

Kyoto Japanese Steak House is located on the left side of the road after the Advance Auto Parts if you are traveling West on Route 33.

When I visited my girlfriend about a month or so ago in New Jersey, we visited their Hibachi grill and restaurant; I had never been to one before, but I had seen on television what the Hibachi is all about.  That made me wonder if there is one in Harrisonburg because that would make a great review!

So, even though I did not have time to visit the Kyoto Japanese Steak House off of route 33 in Harrisonburg, VA, I thought I would give you so information on this restaurant and also I found a clip that illustrates what a Hibachi is if you are lost and don’t know what I am talking about.

The sign makes it much easier to find this restaurant--it's right before the L'Italia.

Kyoto Japanese Steak House is located at 829 East Market Street (route 33) across from the Sheetz, and right next to the L’Italia.  It is very easy to spot as there is a huge sign that says “Kyoto.”  You will be sure to find it if you are on East Market Street.  Here is a map for further clarification.

The Hibachi’s décor (well at least the Hibachi in New Jersey) was definitely a traditional style of Japanese architecture and art with a pond in the center and fancy tables surrounding the various grills.  The atmosphere was very loud because there are multiple grills cooking at the same time and there was authentic Japanese music playing in the background.

This is a typical Hibachi grill decor, courtesy of Google images.

As for the service, first a waiter comes to you and greets you like any other restaurant; he asks for your drink order, and then you look over the menu.  There aren’t too many options for the grill.  The waiter comes back and takes your order and then it is in the hands of the Hibachi chef, who brings your food out, raw and then he begins to cook it right in front of you.

The awesome thing about a Hibachi grill, besides the fact that they cook everything right in front of you so you know it is fresh, but the chefs also do tricks and entertain you while they are cooking.  When I went, our chef played with fire for most of the time, but he could also do a crazy trick with eggs.  Check out this clip that illustrates my point!

First of all, when you visit a Hibachi house, you have the option or sitting in the dining area of the restaurant where the customers who order off the regular menu sit.  Or, for the Hibachi grill, you need reservations, so they know how big of a party you have and how much preparation they need to do.  Their Hibachi grill is in a different room than regular seating.

So for the Kyoto Japanese Steak House’s menu, there are a lot of sushi options.  The first two pages of the menu are filled with sushi choices.  The third page included lunch and dinner specials, and the last two pages are the Hibachi specials.   Here is a link to their menu; you have to click on each page to view the menu, and prices are included.

This is a chicken hibachi with grilled shrimp, fried rice and veggies, photo courtesy of Google images.

When I went to the Hibachi house, I ordered the grilled chicken, which also comes with veggies and lo mein, and a side of fried rice because I love rice and though it would not be right to not have rice with my meal.  Everything was fantastic!  The chicken was cooked to perfection and the freshness was unrivaled.  That was one of the best meals I had had in a long time!

As for the prices, yes of course they are a bit more expensive but for a number of reasons.  The Hibachi grill is a romantic, date-night type of establishment, and the prices reflect that.  Of course, you also get entertainment and you get to see how your food is prepared and what exactly goes in it.  And, your portions are definitely worth it!

According to a Mount Solon resident, “What a wonderful surprise! The people were very service oriented. We, a party of six, felt the staff was eager to please and very attentive. They were VERY accommodating to one person’s food allergy – which is difficult to find in most restaurants.”

Check out some more reviews of the Kyoto Japanese Steak House!  Check out their website for more information!

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse is in a great location, as it is right off of I-81 and surrounded by neighborhoods.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at the Hibachi grill and I think everyone should visit a Hibachi house at some point in your lifetime!  It’s a fun experience and it’s something different and out of the ordinary instead of constantly eating at the same restaurants or the same food.

If you have been to the Kyoto Japanese Steak House, there aren’t too many places in Harrisonburg, VA that serve the same type of food.  JAKO Sushi Japanese and Korean Restaurant would be a good choice.  They serve freshly-made sushi and their food is delicious!

Although this is my last blog review/post, I will continue to be posting polling questions and soundslides in the future!  So, make sure you continue to check it out!!


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