Traditions Harrisonburg, VA


Traditions is located in the center of the Park View Plaza--it's very easy to see.

Once again, my friend and I attempt to find Artiles Restaurant  off of route 42, which turns from South High Street into Virginia Ave., but we were unsuccessful again.  We went to the correct address, but it was not there.  There was another restaurant, but this was Italian.  I don’t remember the name.


So, since we were out that way, there is a Traditions, which is a buffet restaurant that serves traditional American cuisine.  I have driven past this restaurant on a couple occasions and it always seems to be busy.  So, we decided it was a good idea to try our hands at a buffet.

Traditions is located at the intersection of Mount Clinton Pike and Route 42.

Traditions Restaurant is located at 625 Mount Clinton Pike in the Park View Plaza Shopping center off of Virginia Ave.  It’s very easy to see because it is in the center of the shopping center.  There is a Rite Aid and an Exxon across the street from the plaza.  Here is a map for further clarification.

The atmosphere is very casual and family-oriented.  I went with one of my friends at dinner time and it was packed with families and elderly people.  This restaurant is definitely one that I don’t think many college students know about because it is kind of in the outskirts of Harrisonburg.

On my second trip through the line, I chose macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and mixed veggies.

It’s a buffet, so there is not much interaction with the waitress, but she was very nice and prompt.  We happened to go on a day when there is a special for the buffet.  Tonight it was $9.95, as compared to $14.95 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  Tuesday through Friday they offer a lunch buffet and it is $8.49.

It is a typical American buffet, but all of their food is homemade and it was definitely very tasty.  They offer everything one would expect at this type of buffet.   There is a salad bar, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, mixed vegetables, fried chicken, pork loins, and assorted pie and cake slices, among other items.

As for my friend, he went straight for the good stuff. He got ham, ribs, fried chicken and wedge-style fries.

Traditions is both a buffet-style and a take-out restaurant.  Their buffet-choices are different than their take-out menu.  Check out their buffet prices and information at this website.  And check out their to-go menu here.

They also have a very nice selection of dessert items.  They have a number of pies, including cherry, blueberry and peach.  Also, there was a number of cake slices.  For example, there was Boston cream pie, lemon marigane pie, custard slice, as well as an assortment of freshly-baked cookies.  I really enjoyed the dessert.

I had the custard, which was very good and my friend had the blueberry pie, which he said was delicious!

Also, be sure to check out the times this restaurant is open because they are closed on Monday, only open Tuesday and Wednesday for lunch, open Thursday and Friday for both lunch and dinner and then Saturday and Sunday for dinner only.  Check out the times.

According to Kat, “This place is great, the staff is excellent, the food is wonderful, I recommend Saturday lunch for the Country ham and lasagna and chicken and dumplings, or the Thursday night, which is a great time to take the kids seeing as 11 and under eat FREE!”

Check out this website for more reviews and here are a couple more more!

Overall, I think this is definitely a good choice for a family gathering, but for the typical college kid I think it would be a bit too much on any other night than Thursday, especially for me because I don’t like crab legs, which is their special on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you like the American-style buffet, then of course a great choice would be the Wood Grill Buffet, which I have referenced a couple of times throughout my journey.  Also, some other restaurant that I have referenced often, the Golden Corral would be another American-style choice.

I am done posting reviews for a little while because I will be beginning finals and then going home for the holidays.  But, on Sunday, I will be posting something on a Hibachi grill, so be sure to check that out!

Also, I am going to continue to post polling questions each day and I am currently working on soundslides with my photos from the restaurants I’ve been.  So, continue to check my blog daily for new updates; I will be posting everyday for the next week or so!


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