Alternative Thanksgiving Feasts in Harrisonburg, VA

If you are like me and you are not a wiz in the kitchen, maybe you are looking for a restaurant that serves Thanksgiving dinner.  Or maybe you are too tired and just want to go out and order your Thanksgiving meal instead of slaving in the kitchen for hours.

There aren’t too many restaurants in the Harrisonburg area that are serving a Thanksgiving-type meal for all of you who are not the chefs.  But, I was able to find a couple of restaurants that have either a special, or serve Thanksgiving-style food.

A night picture of the beautiful Joshua Wilton House, courtesy of Google images.


First, the Joshua Wilton House Thanksgiving special is from 12pm-4pm on Thanksgiving Day and is $40 a person and there is limited seating, so it’s best to call before hand and reserve a table.  Their number is 540-434-4464 to make a reservation and they are located at 412 South Main Street.  If you have any other questions, their email is

The $40 meal package includes an appetizer (or first course which is also listed on their menu list), the main entrée, and then a dessert.  There is a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal for all of those who want a traditional dinner and it comes with the traditional turkey and all the fixings.  Check out this link for a complete menu list.

A typical image of a Thanksgiving turkey ready for the big feast! Courtesy of Google images.


Also, they offer a number of different options for those who do not want to stuff their faces with a traditional Thanksgiving Day feast.  For example, some other entrée options are salmon, duck breast, wild rockfish, filet mignon.  They are also offering pumpkin cheesecake, gingerbread pear tart, chocolate pecan pie, among other desserts.

If you are a wine conosuer, the Joshua Wilton House is offering another special which includes the 3-course meal, plus a wine selection for only $56 per person.  Here is a wine list if you are interested.

According to an anonymous user, “The Joshua Wilton House is outstanding! The service and food are spectacular. The house is beautiful and well appointed. The dinner dining is an experience and will delight your palate!”

If you would like to check out some more reviews of this restaurant, click here!

If you are looking for a nice, upscale restaurant and a fancy outing for Thanksgiving, then I think the Joshua Wilton House is a great choice for you and your family, just make sure that you call ahead and make reservations because I think this is a great deal and it will be very busy!

A satellite shot of the Wood Grill Buffet, which is across from the Sheetz off of Reservoir Street.


Another restaurant I found that serves a Thanksgiving-type dinner is the Wood Grill Buffet located off of Reservoir Street.  This restaurant is known for its buffet-style dining, but it also offers great options for a Thanksgiving dinner.

I couldn’t really find any other options in the Harrisonburg area which serves both turkey and then all of the other fixings that normally are attributed with Thanksgiving Day.  The Wood Grill Buffet is a great option for a large-sized family on a budget.

The prices are very reasonable for a buffet, as of course it is all-you-can-eat and it is definitely worth it.  When I went, it was less than $10 for dinner.  I couldn’t find anywhere on the internet or on their website information about Thanksgiving Day.  I don’t think the prices will be more, but even if they are, they are definitely still very reasonable.

A typical side item for Thanksgiving Day, the mashed potatoes and gravy! Courtesy of Google images.


I have been to this buffet and it serves turkey, chicken, prime rib, hamburgers, salad options, pasta, Chinese food, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberries, a huge assortment of desserts, and many other options.  I think this would be a great substitute for a Thanksgiving Day meal.

Although the Wood Grill Buffet is not the most ideal place to celebrate a Thanksgiving meal, I think that this restaurant would be one of the best options because there are so many choices for your family and the food is delicious!

Another traditional Thanksgiving dish, the green bean casserole. Courtesy of Google images.


According to Lita of Virginia Beach, “VERY good buffet for 10 bucks. Golden Corral is down the street but I would definately say Wood Grill is better. It’s GC kicked up a notch or two. Good variety. Just better quality of food and I like GC just fine. Nice dessert selection. Good selection of items at carving station, steak was actually good, ribs tender and meaty and the shrimp were a nice size– not ‘popcorn’.”

If you would like to check out some more reviews of this restaurant, click here!

Also, another buffet restaurant that will be serving Thanksgiving food is the Golden Corral, which is located at 2235 East Market Street.  Check out their website for more information!

Overall, I understand that some families have too much going on this season and some people are looking for an easier way to get their family together and have a great time!  It’s only about cooking the food, it’s more about spending time together, and these are two options that allow your family to get up and go and have a great time enjoying great food!


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