Vietopia Vietnamese Cuisine Harrisonburg, VA

Vietopia is located in the shopping center across the street from CVS at the intersection of Neff Ave. and Port Republic Road.

The next restaurant that I decided would be an interesting and diverse restaurant, so I chose Vietopia Vietnamese Cuisine in Harrisonburg, VA.  They offer a very eclectic menu including the Banh Mi Jambon, which is a French Ham Sandwich, or the Bun Bo Nuron, which is grilled beef over vermicelli noodles and veggies.

Vietnamese Cuisine is located at 1015 Port Republic Road and is next to a nail salon and the Food Lion.  I have not had too many Vietnamese dishes in my lifetime, but I am glad I gave this restaurant a shot because my food was delicious.  Here is a map for further clarification!

Vietopia is located in the same area as the McDonalds across from the CVS.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is calm and invites soft conversation among your table.  There is one flat screen TV located behind the register, and Animal Planet was on when I visited.  The service was friendly and very fast; we were probably only there for about 30 or 35 minutes.

This establishment is family owned and it was quite evident from the scene while I was eating.  Many of the family members, either close or relatives- I’m not sure, were preparing themselves dinner out in the dining room.  That’s the type of restaurant it is- comforting and easy to enjoy.

Vietopia is a medium-sized restaurant that seats 45 people.

As for their menu, there are so many options to choose from.  They offer appetizers, sandwiches, beef noodle soup, vermicelli noodles, combination rice platters, and rice noodle or egg noodle.  Their menu choices and categories are in Vietnamese, but the descriptions and categories (both) are in English.

I decided that I wanted to try one of their appetizers because I love spring rolls/egg rolls.  I ordered the Goi Cuon, which is shrimp and pork spring rolls with a peanut sauce.  I usually don’t like shrimp, but it was very tasty and the peanut sauce was terrific!

The peanut sauce definitely makes the spring rolls great! I'm not too fond of shrimp, but these were great!

It was a really tough decision, but I decided on the Bun Bo Nurong, which is grilled beef served with bean sprouts, lettuce, pickled carrots and radishes, peanuts, fried onions and vermicelli noodles.  There were peanuts sprinkled on top of the beef and some kind of sauce that I’ve never tried.  It was delicious!

The prices are great at Vietopia, as my entire meal was only $12.  My meal was $7.95 and the spring rolls were $2.99.  The portions were very generous and the food tasted great and I think it is definitely worth the price.  It was really hard to find a menu online, but here is description of what they serve.

The lettuce, bean sprouts, fried onions and vermicelli is underneath the grilled beef.

According to Meki, “I always promise myself that the next time I eat at Pho Ha I will try something different – but I never do. I love D8. I can’t pronounce the Vietnamese name but it’s grilled pork over vermicelli and is wonderful. It’s a one dish meal and all you would want to eat.  Staff is friendly, prices reasonable, location convenient and best of all – when you call for carryout – it is always ready when they promise.”  Vietopia is referred to as Pho Ha as well.

It was really hard to find any reviews on this place.  This restaurant is somewhat new, but has been here since 2008, so people should know about it.  Here is the only other review I found of this restaurant.  Check it out!

Overall, I had a very nice experience at Vietopia.  The service was prompt and accommodating, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, the food was superb and the prices were great.  I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Vietnamese food or anyone who wants to try something new and foreign.

If you like Vietopia and are looking for another Vietnamese restaurant in the Harrisonburg area, you might want to check out Saigon Cafe.

My choice for the next restaurant that I am going to visit is Napoli Ristorante and Pizzeria.  Check out my blog on Sunday for another post!  I will be visiting this restaurant when I return to JMU after Thanksgiving Break!

If you have any questions or suggestions, I would be glad to listen to them!


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