Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern Harrisonburg, VA

The next restaurant that I have decided to try my hand at is Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern; its name is somewhat deceiving.  I had thought this was a coffee bean shop when I saw the sign that says in large type “Boston Beanery” and in small type “Restaurant and Tavern.”


Boston Beanery is located across from the Shoney's and Domino's in Harrisonburg.


Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern is located at 1625 East Market Street in the Market Square East Shopping Center right next to Mr. J.’s Bagels and Deli.  I would never have thought of trying this restaurant because I didn’t think there was anything to try, but I’m glad I gave it a shot.  Here is a map for further clarification!

The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed since it is a bar/restaurant lounge with tv’s surrounding the room.  The service was extremely fast for both our appetizer and main courses and our waitress was very nice and attentive.  She told us the happy hour specials and we ordered an appetizer for only $4.


Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern is located behind the Waffle House and the Chic-fil-a.


The inside of the restaurant resembles a sports bar and creates the same feel inside.  We had a good experience at the restaurant and I think it is definitely worth trying if you live in the Harrisonburg area, especially students from James Madison University.

Their menu is definitely eclectic and diverse.  They serve chicken, seafood, burgers, pizza and pasta, many grilled sandwich options, steaks, soups, salads, some Boston favorites, among other choices on the menu.  The menu features such items as the Boston Beanwich, the Grilled Monte Cristo and the Fenway pizza.


My main course consisted of grilled chicken breast, bacon, pepperjack and cheddar cheese and their homemade honey Dijon sauce.


It was a tough decision after searching through the menu; there are so many dishes that sounded really delicious, but I ended up choosing the Honey Dijon Chicken Sandwich, and it was fantastic.  I am not too fond of honey Dijon, but I thought I would give their homemade sauce a chance and it was great!

My friend decided upon the Original Pub Burger, and it is only two dollars more to add another burger patty to make it a double cheeseburger.  His burger was huge and there was also an onion ring on top of the burger.  Check out the rest of their menu here!


This is the Original Pub Burger and it has cheddar, bacon, southwest ranch sauce and an onion ring.


As for their prices, they are very reasonable as most of their sandwiches are under $10 and all of their meals are under $20 .  I think their food is worth the price you pay and their service is fast and gracious.

According to  Donna of South Carolina,“I don’t eat anywhere often, but over the years I have eaten here at least a dozen times. Neither I nor my companions have ever had a meal that didn’t totally satisfy us. I love salads and they put curly fries on them. You would think that would be weird, but it tastes great. Fresh, large portions, great tastes.”

If you would like to check out any other reviews, check out this site!  If you have any other questions or concerns about the restaurant, click Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern.  Also, check out Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern’s facebook.

Overall, this eatery was fun and the food was very tasty.  I would definitely recommend anyone who likes typical American food made fresh to try this restaurant.  I have never heard of this restaurant from any of my friends, but I wish I had before.

If you have been to Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern and enjoyed it, then you might want to try Chili’s Bar and Grill right of Route 33 right in front of the shopping center where the Kroger is located.

The next restaurant that I have decided to try Vietopia Vietnamese Restaurant off of Port Republic Road in the Food Lion shopping Center.

If you have any questions, concerns or any suggestions of where I should visit, just let me know!


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  2. Pasda says:

    Boston Beanery in Harrisonburg has a new website!

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