Little Grill Collective Harrisonburg, Va

I haven’t been to many American style restaurants, so I decided to try the Little Grill Collective in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.  There is a very easy-going atmosphere and fun-loving environment.  The grill is definitely one of the most unique restaurants that I have been to thus far.


Little Grill Collective is kind of hard to see, but if you pass the 7 eleven, you just passed it.


Little Grill Collective is located at 621 North Main Street in Harrisonburg, VA.  The restaurant is shortly after the railroad tracks on North Main Street.  There is no parking lot for the restaurant except for on the weekends when Whitmer’s Tire and Service is not opened, so they don’t use the lot.  Most people park on the street in front or across from the restaurant.  Check this map for further clarification!


Little Grill Collective is located right in front of Whimer's Tires and Services.


The atmosphere in this establishment is very friendly and family oriented with a laid back style.  There aren’t many tables and they are in very close proximity.  It was a fun experience to visit this restaurant and be able to see the artwork and culture in the establishment.  Check out this site for more pictures!

The service was familiar and easy-going.  Our waiter answered all of our questions and recommended one of their dishes.  All of the staff was smiling and it looked like they were having a great time, which is definitely a positive aspect of this restaurant.

This restaurant is a group owned collective which means all of the waiters at the end of the night split the tips evenly, not based on your percentage of sales like is done in most restaurants.  For this, the staff is very gracious and accommodating.

My girlfriend and I went to this restaurant on a Sunday and we ordered off the breakfast menu.  Some of the items include huevos rancheros, banana walnut pancakes, and many vegan dishes like tofu burrito.  There is also a lunch and dinner menu, check out this site if you would like to take a look!


My main course consisted of bread with a hole filled with an egg covered in cheese and vegetarian chili with homefries.


There were so many choices on the menu that appealed to me, it took me a long time to come to a conclusion.  I finally decided on the Brickers Son, which is an egg in the middle of a piece of bread covered with vegetarian chili and cheese.  It was different, but definitely worth it.  Also, they make their own ketchup and it was delicious.

My girlfriend ordered Beth’s Favorite, which is basically scrambled eggs with grilled veggies and hash browns on the side.  She thoroughly enjoyed her meal, and I had a bite of it and it was very tasty.  Here is a picture of her meal.


My girlfriend's main course consisted of scrambled eggs with an assortment of grilled veggies and homefries.


Johan from Harrisonburg says, “One of the coolest, most easy-going places you’ll ever enter.  Friendly staff that makes sure to keep your glass from getting empty.  The food rocks (especially breakfast) and Tuesday nights they have all-you-can-eat Mexican food night which is ridiculously awesome. “

Check out this site for more reviews of Little Grill Collective!  Little Grill Collective was voted the best breakfast restaurant by the readers of the Daily News Record.

As for the prices, our check was only $14.50 for two meals and a glass of milk with tax.  Nothing on the menu is more than $10.  It is definitely an affordable place to go and serves delicious creations.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Little Grill Collective and I would never have thought of going to this restaurant if I was not doing this blog.  I would definitely recommend anyone who enjoys unique breakfast combinations and other America-style courses.

If you like this restaurant’s food, and in particular their breakfast food, then you might want to try IHOP if you have never been, which is highly unlikely.

My next restaurant will be the Boston Beanery Restaurant.  Check out my website on Sunday for the new blog post!

If you have any questions or comments, just give me a shout!


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  1. Gina Martellacci says:

    It’s definitely an experience, but just remember they only take cash!

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