Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine Harrisonburg, Va

I decided to visit Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine because I wanted to try something ethnic that I have never eaten before and it was definitely worth it.  Their menu is very eclectic and the way they serve their dishes are unique.


Blue Nile seats about forty to fifty people and has benches as well as tables.


Blue Nile is located at 181 North Main Street, which is two blocks from the court square in downtown Harrisonburg, Va.  The restaurant is tough to see and my friend and I actually missed the restaurant the first time.  If you are coming from JMU it is on the left hand side of the road.  Check out this map for further clarification.

The atmosphere in the establishment was extremely calm as the ocean on a winter day.  There was no one in the restaurant when we arrived around 6:30pm.  Parking is in the back of the restaurant and it’s one of the fewest restaurants in downtown that has parking.  There is entrance off the street in the front and an entrance in the back of the restaurant.


Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine is right after the US Post Office and Elizabeth Street.


The service was fast and very attentive since it was just us being served.  The waitress asked if we had ever been to an Ethiopian restaurant and neither of us had.  So, she explained that both meals are served on one plate, and there is no silverware, but you use a pancake-like bread to eat your meal.

Their menu is authentic and a type of food that I have never tasted, but it was delicious.  They offer beef dishes, chicken dishes, lamb dishes, a plethora of vegetarian options, seafood options among other items.  They use their homemade Ethiopian butter and spices to make their flavor identifiable.


They serve this pancake-like bread and it is light and very delicious.


As for my main course, I chose an item of the beef dishes menu called the Minchet Abish.  It is beef stewed with red onions, ginger, garlic, and their homemade Ethiopian butter sauce.  My friend ordered the Keye Doro Wat which is drumsticks marinated in tomatoes, garlic and onions with a hard-boiled egg covered in sauce.

They serve both meals on the same dish and they accompany your meals with small portions of different appetizers like split peas, collard greens, beets, among other choices.  They also serve four pancake like breads in which you use to roll up different combinations of food.  Check out their website for more information!


The main course in the middle- beef and drumsticks!


“Ethiopian food is definitely worth a try if you are looking to try something new. If you like strong, bold flavors, you’ll probably like it just fine,” according to Mandi of Woodbridge, Va, Check here for more reviews of Blue Nile!

The prices for their dishes at first glance are a little expensive, but after the meal is delivered to your table it is definitely worth it.  There was enough food for three people when I went with my friend.

Blue Nile also has a night club a floor below the restaurant which includes a bar and a dance floor.  The bar begins serving customers at 7pm and is open until 2am and frequently there are musical performances from local bands to JMU student’s bands.


This restaurant has a small bar that seats about 16 people.


Overall, I think the Blue Nile was the most unique food that I have had thus far into my journey and I really enjoyed my visit to the restaurant.

If you like this restaurant and are looking for another Ethiopian restaurant around Harrisonburg, Va. there is one located in Charlottesville called Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant.  Here is a link to website.

The next restaurant that I have decided to go to is Sam’s Dog House off or Reservoir Street in Harrisonburg, Va.  Check my blog out on Sunday night!


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