Aroma Buffet and Grill Harrisonburg, Va


Aroma is located right in front of the shuttle bus station in the Walmart shopping center.


I was going to visit the Indian American Café in downtown Harrisonburg yesterday, but I checked and they are closed on Sundays, so I will be visiting the café on Thursday night, so check out my blog then to see!  As for yesterday, I decided to venture to Aroma Buffet and Grill because it is new and I have always wanted to try it!

Aroma Buffet and Grill is located at 233 Burgess Road in the Harrisonburg Crossing Shopping Center literally right across from the Walmart, which is obviously a great position for a restaurant with all the traffic that Walmart creates.  Here is a map for further clarification.


Aroma, the A dot, is in a great location, as it is in between the Petco and QDoba in the Walmart shopping center.


Aroma is a buffet-style restaurant and has almost as many choices as the Woodgrill Buffet, which is very close to Walmart as well.  Aroma serves Chinese food, American food, sushi, salads, desserts and soups.  I could not find a menu online, but it is basically a huge buffet combining hamburgers and chicken fried rice.

The atmosphere is very upbeat and bright, as there are a lot of colors on the walls and the restaurant is wide open.  There are both booths and tables, and I would say it seats about 100 people.  When I was there, it was somewhat busy last night around 7pm.


There buffet choices were vast and delicious! My first course consisted of mainly Chinese food.


As for my first plate, I decided to go for mostly Chinese food; I got their fried rice, lo mein, triple delight, an egg roll, their crab Rangoon and wontons.  Everything was delicious and nothing was old, as that’s how it is sometimes at a buffet restaurant.   Sometimes food sits there for a while and it’s not appetizing.  However, all their food was very fresh and tasted great!

I wanted to go on the healthy side for my second plate, as this buffet offers an immense amount of choices for fruit, as well as salads, and of course desserts.   I chose pineapples, oranges, melons, grapes and a traditional almond cookie for my dessert.  I didn’t have any salad because I was too full, but the salad station looked just as appetizing as everything else.


For my second plate, I decided to go on the healthier side and I chose fruit, but of course some cookies for dessert.


As for their prices, the dinner buffet was about $10 a person, as my bill for two came out to be $24, with tax included.  Their lunch special deal is $8 a person for the buffet, which is a great deal for your money.  I would definitely go back again!

I could not find too many reviews for this restaurant, as it is a new eatery in the Harrisonburg area, and of the reviews that I found, they were mixed.  The first two reviews raved about this place.  Check them out here!

Eugene of Harrisonburg says, “They had a huge selection for lunch, practically their whole menu save Steak/Crab, which usually is extremely limited at buffets anyway. Tons of Sushi, and it was of very good quality. Not fancy Japanese sushi, but better than typical buffet sushi. Massive desert/salad/fruit selections, tons of hot food, and even Thai Curry! Good atmosphere, lighting, music….I’d go back again.”

Overall, I enjoyed myself at Aroma Buffet and Grill and I think this is a great place for a family to go out for a night on the town, as it will cater to everyone taste buds.

If you like Aroma and are looking for another place similar to this establishment, check out Woodgrill Buffet or Golden Corral!

As I state before, I am going to the Indian American Cafe on Thursday, so check out my blog Thursday night to see what I think of the Indian American Café, which is the second-rank restaurant on the Daily News Record dining list for the Harrisonburg area.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave me a comment and I will be sure to respond!


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5 Responses to Aroma Buffet and Grill Harrisonburg, Va

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  2. Merissa Hubbard says:

    Its my favorite place to eat now. I love the Chinese and my boyfriend prefers the fried chicken etc. We both love the general tso’s chicken. Definitely worth checking out. Plus they have ice cream.

  3. George Walker says:

    Our family eats here at least once during our week long stays at Massanutten Resort, four times each year. For quality, value and pleasant surroundings this is a not to miss experience. Harrisonburg has several nice places to eat and the Aroma Buffet is number two on my list. The selection on the buffet is the widest selection I can ever recall seeing at a Chinese style resturant and I’ve eaten at many around the country.

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