Cluckers Snak Shack Harrisonburg, Va


Cluckers is located at the intersection of University Blvd. and Evelyn Byrd. Ave.


My next restaurant that I decided to visit was Cluckers Snak Shack.  I have driven past this restaurant on a number of occasions on my way to IHOP or Martin’s, and I have always wanted to eat there.

Cluckers is located at 120 University Boulevard at the top of the hill, right across the street from the IHOP.  It’s not really very hard to see, but I think it is overshadowed by the IHOP and the Outback.  Here is a map for further clarification.


A satellite image of Cluckers Snak Shack.


The store’s decore is very friendly with pictures hanging on the wall and a couple of the walls are painted bright colors.  The atmosphere is somewhat calm, as there was only one other table when we were there; Cluckers is a family-owned restaurant.  Here are some  pictures of the inside of the restaurant.

Clucker’s service was very quick and friendly; our food was ready in about ten minutes and it was delicious.  I order the dinner barbeque combo, and it comes with two sides and a biscuit.  I chose to have their macaroni and cheese and green beans on the side.


The main course was definitely one of the best pulled BBQ pork dishes that I've ever had.


As for the rest of their menu, it includes family value chicken meals, dinner meals, sandwiches, subs, burgers, wraps, soups and salads.  Although they are more famous for the chicken, I decided to try their barbeque and it was excellent; it was a little sweet, but that is my favorite type of barbeque.  Check out their full menu here, prices included.

One of my roommates came with me because he had never been there and he order the philly cheese and steak with french fries.  He said thoroughly enjoyed his choice and it was one of the better cheesesteaks he has tasted.


The Philly Cheese and steak, with peppers and onions, comes with french fries and ketchup.


Speaking of their prices, they are definitely affordable; my meal  and my friend’s meal were both only $7.99, and it was too much for me to finish.  Everything on the menu, with the exception of ribs and the large family meals, are under $10.

I could not find any reviews of this restaurant online.  Usually it is very easy to search for and read the reviews of the restaurant, as it is almost a necessity now for each restaurant site has a review section for users to comment.  This makes you wonder how unfamiliar it is; I have never heard anyone talk of Cluckers before, but I’m glad I chose to go there!

If you would like to try a restaurant similar to Cluckers, A&T Chicken would be one of your best choices in Harrisonburg.  Here is a link to their website if you would like to check it out.

If you would like for me to go to a specific restaurant, just leave me a comment.  The next restaurant that I am going to visit is the Indian American Cafe in downtown Harrisonburg.  Check out my blog on Sunday to read it!


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