Taste of Thai Harrisonburg, Va


The entrance to the Taste of Thai is actually in the back where the parking lot is located.


I had planned on going to the Blue Nile in downtown Harrisonburg, but I changed my mind and decided to go to Taste of Thai.  I wanted to go to an establishment that serves ethnic food, so I thought Taste of Thai would be a great choice, and I was correct.

Taste of Thai is located at 917 South High Street, off of the same road as Memorial Hall.  Although the restaurant is somewhat plain was seen off the street, the atmosphere and decoration inside is anything but plain.  Here is a map for further clarification.


This is a satellite shot overhead of the Taste of Thai. The restaurant faces South High Street.


The inside of the establishment is authentically decorated and can seat over 50 customers. Their website has a nice shot of the layout of the dining room.  Check it out here!  Taste of Thai won the 2008 Valley Award for Best Asian Restaurant and in 2009, they won the Valley Award for the Best Thai restaurant in the valley.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very inviting and warm.  I went to dinner around 5pm on a Sunday and the establishment was more or less full.  The service was very prompt and courteous, as he answered a couple of questions from us.  Our food was ready within ten minutes and we were only at the restaurant for about 40 minutes.

As for their menu, all of the items are in Thai, with the ingredients listed below in English.  They serve soups, vegetarian options, curry, noodles and rice, yum, and chef specialties, among other items.  As for my main course, I chose an option under the entree category, Pad Pak.   My girlfriend had been there before and suggested it for me.  If you would like to take a look at the menu, check it out here!


The spring roll appetizer comes with two and their signature dipping sauce.


I decided to try their spring rolls as an appetizer because every Asian establishment that I go to I like to try their spring/egg rolls.  All restaurant’s techniques are different for making spring rolls, and I really enjoyed the appetizer.  They were not too flaky, and the pork and veggies inside were great!

My main course was very delicious.  It consisted of stir-fried chicken and mixed vegetables in their homemade sauce.  The meal was too much for me to finish, so I took about half of it home with me.  But, I was definitely satisfied with my meal.


The chicken stir-fry and mixed vegetables comes with a side of white rice as well.


The prices are a little more than most restaurant that I have been to so far, but the portions are the most that I have received too.  The price range is from about $9.95 to $17.95, with one specialty, the Lobster Special, at $25.95.  But, like I said, the portions are huge, as my girlfriend did not finish her course either, so I think it is worth it.

Harrisonburg resident Anne says, “I love Taste of Thai – although I usually stick with the same menu items over and over, they are consistently delicious. I enjoy the spring rolls and the Crispy Egg Noodle special. Occasionally we get slow service, but for the most part it’s a great place, whether for a date or a girls’ night out.”

If you would like to check out anymore reviews before making up your mind about the Taste of Thai, here is a website with some reviews!

If you would like to try restaurants similar to this style of food, Thai Flavor or the Thai Cafe would be good choices in the Harrisonburg area.

If you have any questions or would like me to try a specific restaurant, just leave me a comment!

The next restaurant that I am going to visit will be Cluckers Snak Shack.  Check out my blog on Thursday!


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One Response to Taste of Thai Harrisonburg, Va

  1. Gina Martellacci says:

    The Pad See Ew is the best! For all of you who like Mongolian Grill’s Pad Thai in Top Dog, you have no idea what real Pad Thai is until you taste this! Great choice Alex!

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