Bravo the Italian Restaurant Harrisonburg, Va

My favorite dish is Italian and for my next restaurant, I chose Bravo the Italian Restaurant. Bravo is an authentic Italian restaurant and serves such dishes as Pollo Parmigiana, Manicotti Florentine, many hand-tossed pizzas, soups and salads and seafood specialties, among other dishes.


Here is a map which shows Bravo's location relative to route 81 and the JMU campus.


Bravo is located at 1647 E Market St in the Market Square East Shopping Center.  Although Bravo is somewhat hard to see from the road, it is located right next to Mr. J’s Bagels, which I’m sure most college students have been to before.  Here is the link for the map.

This restaurant is another romantic-type establishment with dim lights and close tables.  There is a bar area when you enter on the left and there is outdoor seating as well.  Here is their website and the slideshow on the homepage shows pictures of the entire restaurant and some dishes.


Bravo is located right off East Market Street, in the same plaza as Petco and behind the Waffle House and Chic-fil-a.



The bread comes with oil and ground pepper for dipping on the side.


The atmosphere was calm, as there was not any noise from the kitchen and the customers who were there did not speak too loudly.  My waitress was helpful and prompt; she suggested that I try to special for the day, which was Asiago Ravioli.  I could not decide on anything because everything looked so good, but once she described the item, I knew that’s what I wanted.

The Asiago Ravioli is a ravioli stuffed with three cheeses and is covered in pesto sauce and mozzarella cheese.  The main course comes with a choice of soup or salad.  I chose to try the Caesar salad and bread comes with each meal as well.  The croutons in the salad were amazing; they were homemade and very soft.

As for my main course, it was a great choice.  I really enjoyed the ravioli because of the pesto sauce.  Usually, ravioli is covered with marinara sauce, but the pesto is what really made this course stand out and I would definitely recommend going on a Wednesday, as that is when this special is offered.


My main course.


Here is a link to the rest of their menu. The prices are very reasonable in my opinion; a meal is usually under $13 and comes with bread and a soup/salad.  The only items on the menu that are more expensive than that are the seafood specialties and 16 inch pizzas.  Everything is under $20.

According to Harrisonburg resident Sadie, “Delicious food, great service and pleasant atmosphere. The place was busy even on a Wednesday evening – a good sign. The waiter said the food is all made fresh at the restaurant every morning, and you can taste the difference! We’d go there again.”  If you would like to check more reviews of Bravo, click here!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Bravo; the food was great, the service was helpful and attentive and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant was inviting.  As I left the restaurant, the manager held the door open for me to exit and wished me a happy rest of my day; all of the restaurants that I have been to so far have not done this gesture.

If you like Italian food and are looking for another Italian-style restaurant in the Harrisonburg area, check out L’Italia!

The next restaurant that I am going to visit will be the Blue Nile.  Check out my blog for this post later this weekend!


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