Dona Rosa Harrisonburg, Va

I was very excited to visit my third restaurant because I love Mexican-style food and I had never been to Dona Rosa, and I had always wanted to since I pass it when I drive down East Market St.


Dona Rosa is located across from El Charro off of East Market St. and next to the Days Inn off of I-81.


Dona Rosa is an authentic Mexican restaurant and is located at 43 Linda Lane right in front of the Lowe’s and across from the Harrisonburg Crossing Shopping Center, where the Walmart is located.  Here is a map for further clarification.

The establishment’s atmosphere was very romantic with dim lighting and long booths.  My waitress was very attentive and extremely nice; although it was not busy, my drink never emptied and when I needed something, she was right there to help me.


Their homemade chips and delicious authentic salsa.


As I began looking at the menu, she brought me the typical chips and salsa, but their chips and salsa was much different from other Mexican restaurants that I have been to before.  Their chips were thicker and their salsa tasted authentic.  I have been to Mexico and their salsa tasted just like it did when I was there.

Their menu is very expansive and has the typical Mexican-style food; it includes salads, soups, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, and their house specialties, which include seafood options.  For their complete menu and price list, check it out here.


My ground beef quesadilla-- you can choose your meat!


As for my main course, I chose the quesadilla lunch special, which was only $4.50- a great deal.  The quesadila entrée came with black beans, refried beans, rice and a side of sour cream.  The meal was too much for me to finish, as I had to take some of it home with me.

The prices are reasonable, as everything on their menu is under $20, except for their combination platter, which is enough to feed at least two people and possibly three.  As I mentioned before, their lunch specials are a great deal for only $4.50.

A Harrisonburg resident, Dave, says, “Pleasantly surprised! Great Mexican food. Who would think that you could find such a place in the middle of Virginia. Hats off to the chefs. Wait staff was great too. Very attentive.”


Dona Rosa has a fireplace, a bar, and seats about 50 people.


For more reviews of this eatery from every day citizens, check out this website.  If you ave any other questions or concerns, check out this site!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Dona Rosa and would recommend this restaurant to anyone who would like to try an authentic Mexican eatery in the Harrisonburg area.

If you like this restaurant and are looking for another establishment in the Harrisonburg area similar to Dona Rosa, check out El Charro!

The next restaurant that I have decided to visit is an Italian eatery called Bravo; I have always wanted to try it and it’s in the same area as Dona Rosa.  So, check out my next post on Thursday!


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2 Responses to Dona Rosa Harrisonburg, Va

  1. Loved the review, made my mouth water. Pictures looked great!

  2. Lindsay says:

    The first time I went to Dona Rosa’s I wasn’t a fan. I recently went back and tried something else. I agree with you that the chips and salsa are great, and I love how when you order a la carte you get beans and rice too. This review is very accurate of the restaurant. Great job!

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