What is the point and purpose of this blog?

My name is Alex Van Rees and I have created this blog, which is titled Local Eateries in the Harrisonburg Area, with hopes that this will call attention to and inform JMU students of different, small local restaurants in the Harrisonburg Area.  I am a senior at JMU and my friends and I eat out often, but we usually go to the well-known eateries like IHOP and Applebees.  But, I want to explore my options and try out different types of food and restaurants .

As for the content of the blog, I am not going to rate these restaurants because I am not a professional food critic and I most likely do not know how to judge whether the food is fantastic or just average.  So, I have decided include a summary of the menu, so it is easy for a blogger to read my blog and see if he is at all interested in the type of food the restaurant offers.  I will also add a critique of the atmosphere and the service.  I used to work at a restaurant and I frequent many back at home with my parents, so I know good service and an inviting atmosphere.  I plan to also take pictures and post them with the article and I am on twitter as well.  So, I can tweet from the restaurant via my cell phone and post the articles on my twitter account as well, which might enhance my following.  Another aspect that I hope to incorporate into my site is a lot of links to other pages.  For example, I am planning to link each post with a restaurant review of the eatery, so that my posts are not biased and just me talking about what I thought of the restaurant.  I will also add a link for directions, the menu, general information, etc.

I checked out some restaurant blogs online, but could not find any in the Harrisonburg area.  Also, most of the restaurant blogs were more geared at marketing and running effective restaurants.  The only restaurant review/informative blogs were located in large cities, like Los Angeles or San Francisco.  I navigated over through the DNR website, but could not find anything about restaurant blogging.  I am, however, going to use some of the reader reviews of the local restaurants in choosing which eateries that I will attend.

So, if you are in the Harrisonburg Area and are looking for a local place to try, check out my blog.  I will be updating with at least two posts a week!  Check it out!  The first restaurant that I am going to try is Sushi Jako.


About Harrisonburg Restaurants Reviewed

I am 22 years old and I am a senior year at JMU. I interned with the sports department at WTTG Fox 5 over the summer. My favorite sport is baseball, but I like football and mostly any other sport as well. I like to hang out with my girlfriend, friends, family; I'm up for anything and I am a very chill person. My career aspirations are to become either a sports journalist or a sports producer, or a combination of both!
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