Ethnic Restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area

My main course- the Euphrates, which is a traditional lamb and beef gyro. It's awesome!

There are actually a number of ethnic food restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area.  One might not think that such a small area like the valley would have such an array of different and foreign-types of food establishments, but over my journey I discovered a couple hidden treasures.

Although Google only highlighted one Harrisonburg, VA restaurant after I searched for ethnic restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area, there are definitely some that have yet to be discovered on a larger scale.  Of course, Taste of Thai and Taste of India both resulted from the search, but restaurants such as the Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine or Xenia A Kebab and Grille are great choices too and I will explore some of the former on the list.

One of my favorite restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area is Xenia A Kebab and Grille and I found out about this eatery from one of my co-workers.  I used to drive past this restaurant on a weekly basis, but I would never had tried it, unless it was recommended to me by a friend.  Of course, I had to do a review for my blog and you can check it out here for more information like the location and menu description!

Xenia A Kebab and Grille specializes in Mediterranean food, but they also offer dishes from the Middle East.  Everything about this small and inviting restaurant is awesome!  All of their ingredients are made fresh daily and their hummus is to die for.  If you enjoy pita, hummus, kebabs, gyros, baklava, among other authentic Mediterranean dishes, Xenia is the place to go in Harrisonburg, VA.

Our table plate, which consists of two main courses and side dishes that border the edge of the plate.

Another restaurant that I have visited and I also reviewed over this past semester is the Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.  This restaurant was one of my favorites of my entire journey because I had never tasted Ethiopian dishes before and this was definitely a great restaurant for one’s first attempt at a strange, ethnic cuisine.

My experience at the Blue Nile was great; my friend and I ordered our dishes and we thought that was all that would entail.  But, we were surprisingly wrong.  At this restaurant, everyone’s main dish in your party comes out on the same plate, along with a number of small portions of appetizers.  I think it was a great way to expose their clientele to some of their other options.  Check out my blog for more information!

A traditional Thai chicken stir-fry main dish, which is served over rice.

Taste of Thai is one of the more popular ethnic restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area and I’m sure a large portion of the Harrisonburg residents have tried out this restaurant in Thai food is something that intrigues you.

Obviously, they specialize in Thai cooking, and it is definitely worth taking the time to visit this eatery.  But, I’m not going to spend much time on this restaurant.  If you would like more information about the Taste of Thai, check out my blog post!

My main dish consisted of ground beef, potatoes, vegetables and rice, with their homemade spice.

Another ethnic restaurant that I reviewed and really enjoyed is the Indian American Cafe in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.  Although this restaurant is somewhat hard to see while driving down Main Street in downtown, it is a great place to try a foreign taste!

The portions at the restaurant were very generous and the food was excellent.  Obviously, they specialize in Indian dishes, and make sure you ask about their “Spicy Scale” as I was unaware on my first visit.  But, it was definitely worth the price and I’m glad I expanded my taste buds to this type of food.  Check out my blog for more information about this restaurant!

An ethnic restaurant that I did not have a chance to try is the Taste of India—I have heard some great commentary about this establishment and I wish I had a chance to try this place.  I will definitely have to visit it when I return to Harrisonburg in January.

If you enjoy Indian cuisine, I would definitely suggest either visiting the Indian American Café in downtown Harrisonburg, VA, or the Taste of Thai, which sounds great!  Check out the ethnic restaurant search for more information!

As for my next post, I will explore all of the Spanish-style restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area.  I love Spanish food and there definitely are a number of Mexican-style restaurants in the valley.  Make sure to continue to check my blog posts!

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Italian and Chinese Restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area

I tried the special of the day, and it was 3 cheese ravioli in pesto sauce. It was great!

I thought that instead of just posting an overview of a particular restaurant in the Harrisonburg, VA area this time, I would post restaurants categorically organized by genre.  In this post, I will detail the Italian and Chinese restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area.

So, let’s start with my favorite type of food…Italian.  There are many Italian choices in the Harrisonburg area.  With the exception of the restaurant labeled as J, here are the Italian Restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area that come up when searched for on Google.

I reviewed two of these restaurants, Bravo the Italian Restaurant and Napoi Ristorante and Pizzeria, and I really enjoyed both restaurants.  They are both autentic Italian eateries which feature typical Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, anitpasta, etc.  There are also choices such as Anthony’s Italian Touch Pizza or Franco’s Pizza, among other places.

The Pollo Alla Francese was delicious! It's baked chicken in lemon sauce over angel-haired pasta.

You can check out reviews, maps, menus, and other information for all of these restaurants if you click on the more information tab, as demonstrated in the screen shot to the right–take a screen shot of the information tab.

Check out my blog reviews here as it features both Bravo the Italian Restaurant and Napoli Ristorante and Pizzeria!!

The next genre of restaurants found in the Harrisonburg, VA area is Chinese establishments.  I love Chinese food, and there are definitely a plentiful amount of Chinese restaurants in the valley.  Check out this link for a complete list of Chinese restaurants derived from a simple Google search of Chinese restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area.

Golden China is located right off of Route 33, East Market Street, near exit for I-81.

I only visited one of the restaurants on the list for my review, but I have also been to one of the restaurants beforehand and it’s my favorite Chinese restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA. It also features such restaurants as China Jade Restaurant and Great Wok.

Golden China is an authentic, small buffet-style family-owned restaurant and it is delicious.  It was the first Chinese restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA established in 1971.  I would definitely recommend giving Golden China a shot if you enjoy authentic Chinese cooking.

Golden China offers traditional Chinese food such as wontons, lo mein, fried rice, beef and broccoli, among other choices.

My favorite Chinese restaurant in Harrisonburg, VA is definitely China Express because their service is friendly and fast, their food is great and their prices are the best in town with large portions.  Check it out!  (Even though this website is for the Tysons Corner China Express, the menu is the same—this is the link that is given for China Express Harrisonburg, VA.)

The restaurant labeled D is Taste of Thai and for some reason it came up under the search.  This is the only restaurant that is not a Chinese establishment from the Google results.

Check out my blog posts for other restaurants in Harrisonburg, VA that serve Chinese food, along with other choices as well!  Most of these choices are buffets in the area.

As for my next post, I will explore all of the ethnic restaurants in Harrisonburg, VA like Ethiopian cuisine, or Indian food, so be sure to continue and monitor my blog for new posts!  Thanks for all of your support over the last couple of months!

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I’ve been working on a soundslides presentation of my restaurant photos and I created an album, but I cannot figure out how to embed the soundslides code into my blog post. If anyone is able to help me with this problem, I would greatly appreciate it!

I will be posting another restaurant in a couple days so continue to check!

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Cally’s Restaurant and Brewery Harrisonburg, VA

Cally's is very easy to see as it is directly across from the Harrisonburg Court Square in downtown.

Even though my blogging class is over and I’m sure the majority of the class is not going to update their blogs or continue with their posts, I have decided to continue and post new restaurant reviews for places that I was unable to visit in the Harrisonburg, VA area.  I’m my winter break right now, but I will try to post as many as I can throughout the winter and during my Spring semester.

So, I really wanted to visit Cally’s Restaurant and Brewing Co. because I have heard some great commentary about this establishment in the Harrisonburg, VA area.   This restaurant and brewery is only a little more than a decade old, and they pride themselves on brewing the finest lagers and ales in the Shenandoah Valley and even in the world.

Cally’s Restaurant and Brewing Co. is located at 41 Court Square in downtown Harrisonburg, VA right next to the Artful Dodger and behind the Court Square Theatre. Cally’s is on the same street (technically route 33, but in the Court Square) as the Harrisonburg General District Court.  Check out this map for further clarification.  Also, Cally’s website offers for its visitors to get directions from their house to the restaurant by simply supplying their address where necessary.

The banquet hall seats about 125 people, and can accommodate 200 people for a reception!

Cally’s pride themselves on a very welcoming, inviting and fun-family atmosphere, and it seems like it would be a great place for a family to go for a big event like a birthday or even a couple for a date night.  They also offer a banquet hall for large gatherings or parties.  Check out their banquet site for more information, which also includes their menu for banquet gatherings!

Cally's offers dining outside on the roof deck, which is something I have not encountered in Harrisonburg. Photo courtesy of Google images.

Cally’s also offers a very nice rooftop dining experience.  You are able to dine outside, which is always pleasant, but you are also able to dine on the roof deck of the establishment.  This is definitely a very unique feature of Cally’s.  Check out this site for pictures of the rooftop dining!

If you are a beer-drinker, then Cally’s is definitely the place for you, as they offer lagers and ales that I have never heard of before.  Beer is what they are known for and here is the selection of lagers and ales that they are currently offering right now.  Football Sundays are a great day to try a new lager and enjoy their brunch menu!

Cally's filet mignon dinner with their freshly-brewed beer. Photo courtesy of Google images.

As for their menu, they offer a full lunch menu during the week and on Saturdays and a dinner menu available each night, as well as a brunch menu on Sundays.  For their complete menu, check out this site!  And, for complete hours and specials (like “Growler Specials”—which is their happy hour specials or they also offer specials on Sundays for football), check out it out here!

As for their prices, all of their appetizers, soups/salads and sandwiches are under $10 and options include: smoked chicken wings, crustini bread bruschetta, smoked steak and cheese, cubano, Cally’s burger, fish and chips, among other choices for lunch and dinner.

As for dinner entrées, they offer filet mignon, chicken palliard, barbeque ribs, among other dinner options and the prices are definitely very reasonable, as all of their choices are under $20.  As for their brunch menu, they offer the traditional brunch choices such as French toast, scramblers, sausage biscuits, sandwich choices, among other options and not one dish is over $10.

This is definitely one of the better-known restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area, but I suspect most of the clientele consists of Harrisonburg and surrounding county residents, not local college students.

According to a Harrisonburg resident, “Good place to stop in middle of downtown Harrisonburg. Brunch on Sundays good deal. Best beer in area. Pleasant atmosphere where you can talk. Good specials each day.”

If you would like to read more reviews of Cally’s, check out this site!

Overall, I think this would be a great restaurant to have maybe a large family gathering for a birthday or other celebration because of their eclectic menu and inviting atmosphere.  Also, I think this would be a great place to grab a beer with your friends on football Sunday, especially since they offer lagers and ales not found in most restaurants!

Continue to check out my blog for new updates and the soundslides that I have been saying will be up soon will definitely be up in the next couple of days!  So, be sure to check it out every day!

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What is Your Overall Favorite Restaurant in the Harrisonburg, VA area?

I thought it would be fitting to pose a general question on viewer’s favorite restaurant, of all genres, in Harrisonburg, VA.  This is my last polling question, so be sure to throw your two cents in and cast your vote!

As I have said, this is my final polling question, but I will have a couple soundslides up within the next three or fours days.  So, be sure to continue to check for updates, as I will post links and other reviews as well!

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What is Your Favorite Romantic Restaurant in the Harrisonburg, VA area?

Here is my second to last polling question, and I think it is a great category for college students, since we are always trying to find new date-night restaurants or places to take our significant others, besides the usual places like Outback or Applebee’s.  So, cast your vote!

I will be posting my last polling question tomorrow, so be sure to check that out!  And, beginning next week, I will be posting the soundslides so continue to check my blog!!

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What is Your Favorite Family-style Restaurant in the Harrisonburg, VA area?

I’n sorry I’m posting so late today, but it’s finals week and two of my exams were this morning and afternoon.  But, to continue with different types of food style, I’ve decided that family-style is a great question because I went to a number of family-style restaurants in the Harrisonburg, VA area.

Continue to check my page for updates because as I will continue to post something new every day!

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